About Us

Maurer Roofing History

Maurer Roofing, Inc. is a third generation roofing company serving the northern two thirds of Wisconsin. Established in 1939, Maurer’s began with four Maurer brothers as a family owned roofing and siding supply company. The business had a construction division specializing in shingling, siding, and insulating, primarily for residential clients. In 1943 the construction division expanded to include built up flat roofing. Over the years the company continued to evolve and began to focus on the commercial flat roofing market. As growth continued Maurer Roofing found the need for more space and moved from our Central Avenue location to our present location in Marshfield’s South Industrial Park on South Cherry Ave. Wilfred Maurer, the last of the original founding brothers, eventually retired and the business was taken over by his son Ron. Wilfred continued to work part time until retirement. During the 1980’s Dennis Hanneman, Wilfred’s son-in-law, and Todd Maurer, Ron’s son and Wilfred’s grandson, joined the company and learned the commercial roofing business and systems from Wilfred and Ron.

After Ron’s retirement, Dennis and Todd took over control of the Maurer Roofing. Dennis spent over twenty five years with Maurer’s before passing away in 2011. Todd, currently the President of Maurer’s, has also been with the company for over thirty years, starting out working with the field crews and eventually moved into the office to handle material purchasing, estimating, and project management duties as well. Wilfred Maurer passed away in 1999 and Ron Maurer in 2022. Their legacy’s are being carried forward by his grandson Todd. Scott Wagner joined the Maurer staff in 2006 to head up the technology and marketing needs and also to assist in estimating and sales. After Dennis passed Scott purchased shares in the company and now holds the title of Vice President. Scott’s background includes over thirty five years in commercial and residential construction, sales, and estimating. Linda Degenhardt and Michelle Maurer round out Maurer Roofing’s office staff, handling payroll, accounts receivable, and accounts payable.

Our field personnel consists of five employees with more than twenty years of commercial roofing installation experience each. John Every, Jimmie Hewitt, Mike Ott, and Gene Doering and the rest of the Maurer Roofing crews are some of the most dedicated and well trained employees a commercial roofing company could hope for. Their attention to detail and work ethic are what make Maurer Roofing projects stand out against the competition. It is because of their dedication that Maurer Roofing is approaching a milestone of 900 “Perfect Ten” Carlisle Syntec roofing applications. This recognition award from Carlisle is a true testament of the dedication of Maurer Roofing’s field personnel and its long and continuous track record of success. All Maurer Roofing employees take pride in their commitment to perfect roofing system installations. These perfect installations give our customer’s peace of mind and the security of a roof that will pass warranty inspections without fail.

Where Maurer Roofing Is Headed

The roofing industry is constantly evolving. New products have taken market share away from the traditional built up and EPDM systems. PVC’s, TPO’s, PIB’s, and Modified Bitumen systems have proven themselves over the past couple of decades to be viable and durable alternatives to built up and EPDM systems. In addition to the new single ply systems, today’s energy costs have lead the industry to push for higher R-values with increased insulation and better reflectivity colors to help lower cooling costs. While the final verdict on payback isn’t in on many of these issues, Maurer’s has the experience and know how to complete all types of roofing systems and can explain the benefits and drawbacks of each system. Give us a call at 715-387-2570 to discuss your roofing needs. Our experienced staff will take the time to explain to you the roofing systems available from Maurer’s and help you to choose the right investment that will best suit your facility.

One of the newest roofing systems available are “green” or “garden” roof systems. These systems implement an earth friendly alternative of living plants incorporated into the roof structure. These “green” or “garden” systems can be one of three types: extensive with a thin layer of soil and plantings; intensive with a much heavier layer of soil and plants including shrubs and even trees; or passive systems with trayed plantings covering the roof deck. These systems help reduce or eliminate the amount of UV rays reaching the roof deck, absorb rain water, can reduce storm water runoff up to 60% or more, and with the help of the green plants they send oxygen back into the earth’s atmosphere. While “green” roofing systems are not for everyone, both in cost and application requirements, they are a unique alternative that Maurer Roofing has experience in installing.

In the future Maurer Roofing will continue to offer roofing alternatives that meet the needs and requests of our clients, but only through proven suppliers that are ready and willing to stand behind their products. Maurer Roofing has always and will continue to offer our customers peace of mind with their roofing investment dollars.