Services & Equipment


Maurer Roofing offers an array of commercial roofing services. Preventive maintenance and inspections can prolong the life of you flat roofing system. A routine walk through should be done at least on an annual basis or more. Catching problem areas before they become huge headaches can reduce overall operating costs and potential for damaging leaks. These routine inspections can also help building owners become more proactive rather than reactive in maintaining a sound roofing system and allow them to budget for roofing repairs and replacement in a timely manner. Call Maurer Roofing at 715-387-2570 to schedule an inspection of your roofing system and have us work with you to prolong the life of your buildings roofing system and stay on top of any potential problems. We will help you to evaluate the condition of your roof and any rooftop penetrations and curbs and give you sound, expert advice on whether the best course of action is continued maintenance, partial re-roofing, or complete re-roofing.


Maurer Roofing has a full line of vehicles and roofing equipment to serve our customers. Our fleet includes 1) 160’ mobile crane 1) 146’ mobile crane, 1) 113’ mobile crane, 2) telehandlers, 3) scissors dump trucks, conventional dump trucks, crew cabs, pickup trucks, hot and cold process kettles, pumping equipment, fork lifts, conveyors, heat welders, and any other imaginable piece of roofing equipment necessary for completing any commercial or residential flat roofing project. We have a full time repair and maintenance shop and have a preventative maintenance program to keep everything in top working order to help reduce downtimes for our crews.

Our metal shop, inventory and equipment warehouses, and yard are well equipped including a state of the art Roper Whitney Auto Brake CNC bending machine and Roper Whitney Auto Shear. We are always stocked with an inventory of 24 gauge metals in standard colors and EPDM membranes. We stock ISO, EPS, and high density board insulations for almost any size project. Maurer Roofing also has outstanding relationships with each and every one of our suppliers so keeping our yard and warehouse stocked is never a problem.